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Healthy Body! Healthy Mind! Healthy You!
Health Fit  M.D.
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Now A Major Aesthetics Center On The Mississippi Gulf Coast!!! Featuring Brands Like Syneron-Candela

Wellness & Weight Loss!                                           Feel Better & Lose Weight Now!

At Health Fit M.D. Wellness and Weight Loss we help you achieve true health & wellness.  Our individually-tailored programs help you attain your goals through various forms of intervention and lifestyle changes.

A team of professionals, including an exercise physiologist and medical doctor, utilize cutting edge clinically-researched medical protocols, exercise science, and nutrition to optimize your metabolic transformation.

Our Medical Weight Loss Programs include (but are not limited to):

  • Individual Physician Visits
  • FDA-Approved Medications - Where Warranted
  • Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement Programs
  • Lifestyle Modification and Nutrition Counseling
  • Body Composition Analysis 
  • Free Weekly Weigh-ins
  • On-going Accountability
  • Long-Term Weight Maintenance

The Ultimate Wellness and Fitness Revolution

As of 2012, 68% of our country's population was overweight or obese. In medical terms, obesity is an epidemic. We founded this clinic to provide a beacon of hope for every individual suffering from its crippling physical and psychological effects.

Too many of us struggle with implementing the proper changes simply because we don't understand the body and all of its responses on a physiological level.  Come in today and learn how our programs can help you; whether you are losing fat, building muscle,  or simply looking for the ultimate solution that will help you achieve maximum quality of life.


*Every patient is different and may experience different results from participating in any of our medical weight loss programs. Please discuss goals and expectations with our medical providers.

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